What To Expect From Apple iPhone 5 ?

Apple iPhone 5 Apple did not clear their thoughts in public about the next generation iPhone that is most likely to be called iPhone5. But that did not stop the designer and reporter to draw a concept about how the device may look like. Already they have spread some commercial depicting of this new device. The announcement of iOS6 at Worldwide Developer Conference has somewhat gave them more fuel to their thoughts.

A young armature seventeen year old boy has uploaded a video on YouTube depicting the feature of this forth coming device. In his presentation he said that iPhone5 is most likely to have transparent Retina display with a laser projected keyboard. The graphics will sharper than ever before. The concept would set the expectation of the fans to a pretty high level and will make wait for this device even more difficult. But achieving this expectation would require a revolutionary change in the hardware and software of iPhone. However the teenager’s dreams are most unlikely to become real. But expectation of a larger screen is not an extravagant thought.

IOS6 feature is most likely to be included in iPhone5. One major change that iPhone5 owner will get is the way they would answer the calls. IOS6 will give you more options than just Answer and decline. The users can save a preprogrammed message if they are too busy to receive the calls. They would also be able to set a remainder to call that person later. If you don’t want to receive calls from a particular person in a particular time you can use the option Do Not Disturb.

Apple map will be other revolutionary inclusion in iPhone5. This time Apple is dared to ditch their default map Google map and they have introduced a new map that will provide step by step directions.


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