Ping To Get A Full Stop With Next Release Of iTunes

PingWe have already seen a bunch of upgrades and launches from this year’s Worldwide Developers conference. While some got an upgrade some got ditched. Besides improving most of their hardware and software the tech giant Apple has decided to discontinue few services. In September 2010 Apple introduced the social network for music Ping for their dedicated users. Already we know that the Cupertino Company will release their next version of iOS, The iOS6. The introduction of this new operating system will see a lot inclusion and some discontinuation. The ping service has not seen much of a success for Apple, so they think that it is the time to say good bye to this service. The report from All Things D also said the same. They said that instead of pulling this service Apple have decided to abandon it. From now on Apple will look to use their partnership with twitter and Facebook for different social service offerings in a way that users actually care about.

The report also revealed that the service will be gone from the next release of iTunes which is most likely to occur during fall along with the release of iOS6. However the service is still available at the latest version of iTunes, iTune 10.6.3. All the social offerings will be dealt through the partnership with Facebook, Twitter and other social media partners. In his keynote Cooks has hinted that they might give up on this service but he did not mention about killing this service. He said that we tried with Ping but customers vote suggests that we should not be putting a lot of energy into this service. Where all the other products that was backed up by Apple has been tremendously successful the social service section had not created any buzz and response was poor from the very beginning.


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