Apple To Fix Issues With Corrupted iOS And Mac

Corrupted iOSApple says that they have fixed the server bugs which have been causing some recently updated applications to crush when launched. In an interview with AllthingsD The Cupertino Company said that there have been some problems with some of their recently updated apps but now those problems are solved. The reason behind this inconvenience is pointed out. A server has been generating DRM codes when apps are being downloaded. the problems is now taken care of and won’t bother users again.

The issue is first pointed by the creator of a popular app Instapaper.

Thursday he wrote in a blog that within minutes of updating the app a user has informed that the app is crashed on its first launch. Soon developer realized it was not just this one app rather most of the recent ones are affected. Arment made a list of affected apps and they have listed 114 till the moment Apple fixed it.

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