Adobe Flash, Apple And Their Impact On Mobile Gaming

Adobe Flash And AppleGaming club looks back at the rejection of Adobe Flash by Apple and the impact on mobile gaming.
Prior to 2010, Apple and Adobe had enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership and, as Apple began to explore providing online gaming for their mobile devices most expected that to continue – including Adobe! The company developed its Flash Player as a platform for this and it was assumed that it would be adopted by Apple. The decision to reject Adobe Flash for all Apple devices – citing issues with reliability, security and performance – and use HTML5 instead, thus created shock waves throughout the tech world and led to a public war of words between the two companies.
At the time Gaming Club, the online casino, was looking into providing mobile casino options and chose to create versions of their software that were compatible with both Adobe Flash and HTML5 – in recognition of the fact that Apple users accounted for 15% of its customers. Gaming Club felt that this section were entitled to be able to play iPad casino and iPhone casino games at such a well-known online gambling site, regardless of the fall-out between Apple and Adobe. This commitment to customer service had a tremendous effect on the popularity of Gaming Club amongst Apple device users – as the percentage rose from 15 to 20%.
Furthermore, the decision by Apple – which few industry observers could understand at the time – turned out to be a significant one for the online gaming industry as a whole; with Adobe finally admitting defeat, with the announcement that Flash would not be used as a platform for Android devices with the latest 4.1 OS. Essentially this means that the company has given up on Flash as a rival to HTML5, which effectively makes the latter the major platform for mobile gaming from now on. Fortunately, Gaming Club was ahead of the curve in having HTML5-friendly software available for its mobile casino site.

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One Response to "Adobe Flash, Apple And Their Impact On Mobile Gaming"

  1. ell says:

    Actually, I don’t think that HTML5 will have much impact on mobile gaming. Javascript is so far behind the curve that is not going to catch up easily. Plus, mobile apps are more important than mobile browsers. So, I think what we are seeing is the depreciation of the browser in favor of the app (at least in the case of gaming). Flash will continue to dominate there with its mobile wrapper for apps, Adobe AIR.

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