Google Works On Import Ban On Motorola Devices

Moto DroidThe international Trade Commission has imposed a ban on some of Google’s Motorola devices after commission found out that these devices infringe a Microsoft patent. This technology allows users to synchronize calendar entries among different devices. The patent was granted to Microsoft brand in 2002. Following the defeat in this lawsuit Google is now trying to work their way around the court rule but they refused to disclose their approach.

Microsoft used this technology in Activesync software. Using this user could arrange meetings on their mobile calendar and then send details of that meeting to other devices using server connections. If the receiver agrees to these meeting details then the details will also be added to their calendar. The software is very popular among the business class people. Motorola had a deal with Microsoft regarding this application that let them use the technology between years 2003 to 2007 but after that they refused to renew the contract.

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