Police Arrests Russian Hacker Zubakha From Cyprus

Russian hacker Zubakha A Russian Citizen who was convicted for cyber attack on the Seattle based Amazon.Com is arrested in Cyprus after the US Attorney Jenny A. Durkan issued an international warrant against him. His name is Dmitry Olegovich Zubakha, this 25 years old guy was indicted for cyber crime in 2011. He was arrested on July 18. Police have also accused him of other two service attacks on Priceline.com and ebay.com. He was arrested for unauthorized access in protected computers and having intention of causing fatal damage to these web sites. Reportedly his intrusion caused loss of five thousand dollars.

Zubakha is also charged with illegal passion of 15 or more hacking devices. Polices confirmed that he is also related to stealing number of credit card numbers. United States is now trying to extradite him from Cyprus till that he is kept in custody. The Attorney said that these cyber bandits are potentially dangerous to all sorts of web related business but the arm of adage has once again proved to be too long.

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