The Epic Court Battle Between Apple & Samsung Begins

Apple Vs SamsungThe ever epic court battle among the two tech giants Apple and Samsung has officially begun. This court battle saga has been unfolding from last year. Reportedly the course of this case will take place in a period of three months. Although these two companies have been fighting over patent rights but this case in Australia is different because not only Samsung Used Apple but also Apple used Samsung. There has been a series of lawsuits that are fired upon these two companies over in the building of this case.

First in 2011 Apple sued Samsung for their Slide to unlock patent and it was before Galaxy tab 10.1 approached the market. In a Preliminary injunction Samsung won this and that is why 10.1 saw day light. Before the trial begun galaxy 10.1 had a kick off the shelve but managed to survive as the court overturned the ruling. Then Samsung sued Apple for few 3G patents that are used in iPhone and iPad. Samsung says that Apple should have licensed these patents from the authority before using them but they never did.

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