Apple Will Ask For Profit Damage Caused By Samsung

Apple Vs SamsungA document is submitted to the United States District Court of California where they said that the trail of high profile lawsuit between two giant company Apple and Samsung will began on Monday. It is heard that Apple will ask for billions of damage cost from Samsung in front of theCaliforniajury next week. In the trail; brief Apple said that Samsung has reaped billions of dollars of profit by violating one of their intellectual properties.

Apple believes that the hand sets that was released by Samsung by violating this patent has caused 500 millions dollars of profit loss. So this amount should be paid by the company if they losses this law suit. Plus they have to pay another 25 millions royalty damage. In reply Samsung said that this is how Apple tries to monopolize the market and they are exaggerating things. However before going to the trial the two companies will sit one pre trail hearing this late Tuesday.

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