Should Nexus 7 Lead Android Tablets In The Battle Against iPad?

Nexus 7 Vs iPadWhen Nexus 7 was released in the market tech analysts started to wonder what effects it will have on the Android tablet market share. Whether it will light up the ever growing battle between two giant tech companies or not, can be guessed from the past experience. In order to understand the impact of Nexus 7 on the smart phone market, we have to understand the fact that the market segmented into two categories with the introduction of iPhone and Android. One section includes Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone; these phones have not grown up to the expectation ever since Apple and Android came into the market so is not going to be any change to their fate with this introducion. The other group consist Android and iOS, if Nexus 7 affects any then these group is the targeted one.

It is quite obvious that users will want to move to modern platform from the legacy platforms but one has to consider the amount of faith they have one certain company. Surely the expectation of people from Android and Apple are not the same.

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