Google Breaks The Promise Again By Not Deleting Street View Data

Google Street View Data Recently Google was caught red handed when their Wi-Fi-slurping Street View cars was roaming around the cities to collect details for their maps. The regulatory team got angry with Google, so Google promised that they would delete all the ill-gotten data from their archive. But as it appears they did not keep promise and kept some of those data. British information Commissioner’s Office has received a letter from Google where they said that they kept a small portion of the electronic information that they collected from street. In the letter the Google Privacy Counsel has said that they are extremely sorry for this error.

ICO published this letter on their website, so the news became published. ICO said that this is a matter of concern if Google continues to make mistakes. They were supposed to delete all the data from their system nearly two years ago. And now they say that they did not do what they were meant to do, it’s a disgrace for the commission.

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