After 17 Months Samsung, Apple Head For Courtroom To Confront Each Other

Samsung Vs AppleAfter spending seventeen months in attempt to disembowel each other with legal filings Samsung and Apple head for US trail from this Monday. The epic battle between these two company is a matter of interest for not only Silicon Valley but for also for the whole electronic world. In the court room Apple will try to convince the jury and the whole world along with it that their biggest rival Samsung would not have in this place where they are right now if they had not had used Apple’s technology. Apple is expecting that it would be able to put a ban on the Samsung product out of this court file.

Meanwhile Samsung will look to convict Apple with patent perjury. Their point is that devices like iPhone and iPad would not have been possible without their technology. Samsung will also try to convince the jury not to ban any product of them even if Apple wins the case. Both these arguments are partial claims now it is interesting how the juries see it.

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