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The Pirate Bay

UK High Court Verdicts The Pirate Bay Is Guilty Of Copyright Infringement

The judgment came yesterday, after a case of copyright infringement was bought by music copyright holder, who has ked for an injunction against The Pirates Bay. The honorable judge ...
MegaUpload Copyright Infringement Allegations

MegaUpload Lawyer Denies All Copyright Infringement Allegations

A lawyer assigned by the founder of MegaUpload denied his client’s engagement in piracy and claimed U.S.A misunderstands the business nature of the company. Kim DotCom, the founder ...
Copyright Infringement

Websites Dealing With Copyright Infringement Brought Under Law

Federal authorities imposed a shut down on Megaupload, a U.S based file-sharing website, accusing it of copyright infringement & “Mega Conspiracy.” The site operators have every ...