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Breach Global Payments Processor

The Breach Global Payments Processor Affects 1.5 Million Cardholders

As reported earlier, Global Payment breach System was hacked and 1.5million card number was stolen with a blink of eye. On Monday the CEO of Global Payment Paul R. Garcia said that ...
US Secret Service Payment Processor

US Secret Service To Investigate A Major Intrusion In Payment Processor

It is being reported that the US secret service is investigating an intrusion in a payment processor based in Atlanta. This may expose many Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit ...
Ultrabooks Tap-And-Pay Coming Year

Ultrabooks To Obtain Tap-And-Pay Coming Year

Within the next year, it’ll be possible to order a book on Amazon by connecting your smartphone to ultrabook. That is what Intel along with MasterCard is envisioning. The companies ...