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Opera Skyfire

Opera Executes $155 Million Deal Buying Skyfire

Just after a few days of the discussion about the evolution to WebKit, the latest announcement form Opera Software states that the company has acquired Skyfire Labs, a Silicon Valley ...
Facebook To Purchase Opera

Is Facebook Planning To Purchase Opera?

The Facebook payments bender may be ongoing as the latest report states about the social networking monster might be staring to purchase Opera Software from Norwegian company. Now completely ...
Facebook To Acquire Opera

Rumors Suggest Facebook To Acquire Opera

Two reports connected to social networking mammoth Facebook faced over the week end, one connecting to the potential attainment of Opera, a net browser firm and solitary from the details ...

Opera Unveiled Its TV Store At IFA 2011

Well-known browser company Opera Software has introduced its HTML5-powered TV Store that provides a convenient solution to bring web browsing and apps to televisions. Opera unveiled ...
Internet Explorer

Study Revealed That Internet Explorer Users Are Dumb

A new study suggest that Internet Explorer users are dumb as Microsoft’s web browser ranks at the very bottom of the chart created on the basis of user IQ level, while the Opera users ...

Opera 10.52 Version For Mac Platform::

Opera 10.52 version is the latest web browser that has been launched by Opera especially for Mac OS X systems. Opera 10.52 is comprised of Growl notification support, multi-touch track-pad ...

Opera Mini For Apple iPhone

A new version of Opera Mini has been designed especially for Apple iPhone. Although the Opera did not mention the date when the browser will available in the App store.